Copenhagen Blinds – Electric aluminium blinds

Copenhagen-Blinds-Elektriske-aluminiumpersienner-1Copenhagen-Blinds-Elektriske-aluminiumpersienner-2Copenhagen-Blinds-Elektriske-aluminiumpersienner-8Copenhagen-Blinds-Elektriske-aluminiumpersienner-5Copenhagen-Blinds-Elektriske-aluminiumpersienner-7Copenhagen-Blinds-Elektriske-aluminiumpersienner-9Some years ago the dream of creating the perfect blinds developed – based on some of Art Andersen’s patented innovations:  Electric aluminium blinds with state-of-the-art control electronics – in a clean and refined design. And now the new blinds have been introduced under the name Copenhagen Blinds.

The blinds have slim cylindrical top rails, 50 mm slats without holes – and extremely small brackets. In addition, the conventional bottom rails have been eliminated. And the materials and surface finishes are of a higher quality than traditional aluminium blinds.

Copenhagen Blinds are based on an innovative mechanical system, and the lifting cords have been eliminated. Therefore Copenhagen Blinds have a number of clear advantages: The slats have no holes. And they can easily be removed and cleaned – and put into the dishwasher.

Furthermore, Copenhagen Blinds are significantly easier to use than traditional blinds. Operation is totally automated with a small, extremely silent electric motor.

Copenhagen Blinds are programmed and controlled at home or in the office via an app on the smartphone and tablet – or via a Wall Controller. Moreover, one can buy a light sensor that automatically measures the brightness and regulates the blinds.

The battery is rechargeable, so there are no cables or wiring. One charge lasts 6-9 months. And you will automatically receive a message on your smartphone, tablet or computer in good time before the battery needs recharging.

Art Andersen collaborated with Europe’s largest window manufacturing group, Inwido, on the development and market maturation of Energy Frames and Copenhagen Blinds.

And Inwido has established a new company – phone +45   25 56 41 00 or +45 20 70 52 79 – for the production, marketing and sales of Energy Frames and Copenhagen Blinds.