UN City – Copenhagen – External vertical folding shutters

FN-Byen-Kobenhavn-Udvendige-lodrette-foldeskodder-1 FN-Byen-Kobenhavn-Udvendige-lodrette-foldeskodder-2 FN-Byen-Kobenhavn-Udvendige-lodrette-foldeskodder-3 FN-Byen-Kobenhavn-Udvendige-lodrette-foldeskodder-4 FN-Byen-Kobenhavn-Udvendige-lodrette-foldeskodder-5 FN-Byen-Kobenhavn-Udvendige-lodrette-foldeskodder-6At the entrance to Copenhagen Harbour is the new distinctive, star-shaped UN headquarters in Denmark. 3XN Architects have designed UN City as an eight-pointed star to achieve an architectural expression that emphasizes UN’s essential values ​​and authority. The centre of the star is the brain and heart that organize and stimulate all the common functions and activities in the eight “limbs”.

The white facades stand as a distinctive luminous contract to the surrounding water. The window surfaces are covered with an envelope consisting of more than 1.400 vertical – 2.5 m tall – double-leaf folding shutters of finely perforated aluminium.

The many solar and light-shielding shutters that cover all the facades of the eight “limbs”, are in constant motion – as the light moves around the buildings through the day.

Thus, the dynamic facade screening enhances the expression of UN City being one big, living organism.

Art Andersen developed and supplied the drive stations to the more than 1,400 shutters in UN City.