Tivoli Corner – Copenhagen – Indoor vertical textile shutters

“Tivoli Corner” is the big new corner building at Vesterbrogade and Bernstorffsgade in Copenhagen. The wavy double glass facade is 105 meters long and 17 meters high. The architects Pei, Cobb, Freed & Partners wanted the new building to open Copenhagen’s old historic garden towards the city – and to transform the edge of the garden.

Tivoli Corner emphasizes the adventurous atmosphere – and makes the new building an integral part of the daily life in the city:  A welcoming access to the garden – and at the same time a curving mirror that enhances the vibrant and dynamic reality of Copenhagen – and reflects the light and the changing sky.

Tivoli Corner houses a hotel, restaurants, a large food hall and shops.

Art Andersen designed and developed the 273 vertical champagne-colored textile shutters in the large double-facade. Computer controlled, the textile shutters open in the morning – follow the light during the day – and close in the evening. In addition, the shutters have an override function that can be used whenever desired.

The 273 textile shutters are between 80 and 90 cm wide – and from 388 to 520 cm tall. The shutters are fully rotatable around their vertical axis. The textile is streched between aluminium top and bottom profiles, using a patented system that ensures optimal tensioning of the fabric regardless of temperature and humidity. The tensioning also ensures that the textile frames only need electric motors and transmission at the bottom while “swinging” at the top – suspended in special low friction bearings.

Lighting specialists engineered the adventurous, changeable and eye-catching “Northern Light” lighting of the 273 textile shutters in the double glass facade.

Art Andersen did the textile shutters project with Scandinavian Glass Systems.