4.B.-THE-GHERKINArt Andersen designs, develops and produces screening solutions which improve the indoor climate, reduce the energy consumption – and enable new as well as existing buildings to meet the environmental and energy requirements of the future.

Starting from the venetian blind Art Andersen has developed a number of dynamic screen products and concepts which we – in collaboration with architects, engineers and contractors – can adapt and further develop, so that they can be used optimally in a specific building – offering solar shading – and when required, (night) insulation, natural ventilation, noise reduction and energy production.

Art Andersen has a long-standing experience in designing for architecture – enabling the dynamic screen solutions to either adapt discretely into the particular architecture – or bringing it to life – and adding an extra dimension.

In addition to sophisticated light and insight control – and the desire for beautiful architecture and aesthetics – more demanding requirements for energy saving in buildings have become the drivers of the development of new solutions in Art Andersen.