Experimentarium-Videnskabscenter-Kobenhavn-Udendors-lodrette-foldeskodder-1Experimentarium-Videnskabscenter-Kobenhavn-Udendors-lodrette-foldeskodder-2 Experimentarium-Videnskabscenter-Kobenhavn-Udendors-lodrette-foldeskodder-3Experimentarium-Videnskabscenter-Kobenhavn-Udendors-lodrette-foldeskodder-4 Experimentarium-Videnskabscenter-Kobenhavn-Udendors-lodrette-foldeskodder-5

Cebra Architects projected the comprehensive modernization and expansion of Experimentarium, the Danish Science and Technology Center in Tuborg Harbour, north of Copenhagen. An outgoing, welcoming and vibrant attraction that makes its high level of activity clearly visible in the public space. A number of box-shaped units bursting out of the original building structure create a dynamic composition, accentuated by the characteristic cladding in brushed and anodized aluminium, perforated in fine, organic patterns.

Art Andersen developed the vertical folding shutters which are completely embedded in the finely patterned cladding. In total 76 units. Three- and four-wing folding shutters, respectively 1.5 x 1.5 and 2 x 2 m.