33-34.-LISE-AAGAARDLISE-AAGAARD36.-LISE-AAGAARDThe dynamic façade screen for the corporate headquarters of Lise Aagaard Copenhagen, Trollbeads, was designed and developed in close collaboration with BBP Architects.

The screen envelops the complete building and follows the profile of the house as an extra “outer skin” made of Tecu Gold metal panels – perforated in a sophisticated, specially designed raindrop pattern. The screen creates the illusion of the masonry of a traditional façade towards the street – with proportions and window holes matching the neighbor houses. And with slits in each side where the folding shutters line up with the cornices of the neighbor buildings.

33 % of the Tecu Gold front façade, roof and rear façade are dynamic, horizontally folding shutters, which move up and down in time with daylight, sun and season. When the weather allows, the panels open up totally. And as the daylight gets stronger, the screens gradually close. Even when the folding shutters are totally closed, there is a good outlook through the refined perforated raindrop pattern.

The folding shutters are motorized, driven by Art Andersen’s special spiral drive station, which is simpler, more robust and requires less maintenance than conventional transmission systems.

The Trollbeads building has received three of the most prestigious architecture awards in Denmark:  the Danish Architects’ Association’s “Big Arne”, the “Thin Plate Award” and the City of Copenhagen Architecture Prize.