The housing association Boligforeningen 3B is situated at one of the most traffic-noise plagued gateways to Copenhagen, Folehaven. In 2014, 3B contacted Art Andersen with a request to provide noise reducing shutters in front of the windows on all the noise-plagued apartments.

In 2016, funding fell into place with Realdania and the Da-nish Environmental and Food Ministry’s Eco-Innovation MUDP scheme, so that a development and trial project could be started – in collaboration with Boligforeningen 3B and the housing association’s architects, Nørløv + Nørløv.

The movable noise shutters allow the residents to open their windows for natural ventilation without being bothered by the heavy traffic noise. And the noise shutters make it possible to sleep with the windows ajar in bedrooms located directly towards the street.

In 2017, the first test shutters were installed in Folehaven. They subordinate to the specific local architecture. And they are designed to incorporate motorization and adjustable sun screening.

The noise reducing shutters are tested in 2017-18 to prove the functionality and efficiency. Initial measurements document that the shutters muffle and ventilate significantly better than anticipated. And the requirement for a maximum indoor noise level at Lden = 46dB is respected, even on windows that are opened ajar in ventilation position – on the most noise-plagued housing blocks in Folehaven.