Birkerod-02_HPivoting/tilting scissor blinds which can drive to the side, fold and park. Vertical or horizontal.

  • External or in double facades. For instance in buildings with large, complex window areas.
  • Scissor blinds compress completely and park at the edge of the windows. Over, under, at the sides of the window. And only take up a minimum of space.
  • Not disturbing the architecture. No visible cables , wires or cords. Usable on new as well as existing buildings.
  • Many louver/panel design and size options and many potential materials.
  • Combine totally open outlook, maximum daylight and ventilation – if and when desired.
  • With solar screening, temperature control, (night)insulation, noise dampening, solar cells, particle filters, burglary protection etc.
  • Resist wind loads of more than 30 meters per second – and consequently usable on tall buildings.

In cooperation with architects, engineers and contractors Art Andersen develops special solutions.