Allies and Morrison studios

When Allies and Morrison designed and build their studio in London, we helped design and develop the interior vertical pivoting shutters.


The manually operated pivoting shutters are an essential element of the building’s aesthetic and make it possible to control daylight intake to provide a soft and pleasant light inside the offices.


The pivoting shutters are made of aluminum and because they are painted in different colors on each side, they change the color tones of the offices when they are in use. Furthermore, when the pivoting shutters are closed, they prevent blinding from the neighboring buildings.


Allies and Morrison have received numerous prestigious design awards for the design of their building, including the RIBA Award Building of the Year 2004 and The Royal Fine Art Commission Trust Building of the Year Award Special Award for Offices 2004.


Photo credit: Allies and Morrison and Art Andersen & Copenhagen.


Allies and Morrison




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