Argon 18 Lab and Store

Argon 18 wanted to create a new epicenter for modern cycling in the Lynge, just outside Copenhagen, by converting an old warehouse into a showroom, workshop, training facilities, office space, meeting rooms, canteen, storage space and an outdoor square for events.


Johannes Torpe Studios was responsible for the design, and they asked us to contribute our design and production expertise for the facade, the office space and the showroom.


The design follows a tight grid that connects the exterior and interior. White perforated aluminum sheets, a choice of material inspired by the lightness and precision that characterizes the modern carbon fiber racing bike, cover the facade. Transparent materials such as perforated metal sheets, wooden slats and glass walls bind the open interior space together.


We developed and produced the 600 m2 facade system, including 14 fully integrated and automated vertical folding shutters. The facade system elegantly encircles the existing building and gives the entire structure an upscale feel. The folding shutters are user-controlled so that you can adjust the level of shade provided by the dynamic façade. Throughout the process, we have worked towards meeting the architect’s vision of a light and elegant expression without compromising durability and ease of use.


For the showroom, which sets the stage for the exhibition of bicycles, we developed and delivered a wall system in raw perforated steel sheets with detailing in bronze. The wall system was to form a translucent membrane between the showroom, meeting room and a smaller showroom.


In addition, we also developed a unique suspension system for the ceiling and custom-designed fittings and light fixtures for the showroom and meeting rooms.


Photo and video credits: Johannes Torpe Studios, BURNBLOCK and Art Andersen & Copenhagen.



Argon 18





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