Copenhagen Towers

Copenhagen Towers is a LEED Platinum standard designed ensemble featuring a 22-story office tower and a low-rise building joined together by a stunning green atrium.


We helped architects Foster + Partners take the curved wooden profiles for the steel structure of the atrium roof from concept to creation.


The initial design concept was ambitious. The curved wooden profiles float in mid-air below the roof, where they help sculpt the daylight and improve the acoustics of the atrium.


To reduce the complexity and cost of production and construction, we developed a unique mounting bracket system for the lamellas that make up the curved wooden profiles. 


Because the dimensions of the lamellas vary significantly across each profile, we the mounting bracket system was designed so it could adapt to each individual lamella.


For proof of concept, we build a full-scale model, that allowed us to first test and then demonstrate how the mounting brackets worked as an easy click-on system for the lamellas. Furthermore, the architects used the model as a visual reference point for the final design.


Photo & video credit: Foster + Partners and Art Andersen & Copenhagen.


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