News Headquarters in DR Byen

We developed and produced textile ceiling panels, a sliding door and textile wall panels for the news headquarters in DR Byen.


The large textile ceiling panels for DR Byen’s front desk offer a discreet, semi-transparent fabric ceiling system with large, continuous textile surfaces with good acoustic properties. The textile panels can be easily handled and moved when required, either for a change in setup or maintenance. Furthermore, the design allows for easy access to the technical installations.


The heart of the newsroom in DR Byen is the cylinder-shaped TV news studio designed by Dissing + Weitling Architects. We developed the 15-meter long sliding door in curved glass for the TV news studio. The sliding door is motorized and equipped with a pneumatically operated sound damping system, developed specifically for this project.


The TV news studio’s design follows a circular layout. To optimize the acoustics, we developed 113 textile wall panels that cover the TV news studio’s walls in 3 levels. The wall panels are made of anodized aluminum and covered with a fire retardant fabric.


Danmarks Radio




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