NNE Head Office

We designed and produced the exterior vertical pivoting shutters for NNE’s head office in Virum in collaboration with Over Byen Arkitekter.


The 15 motorized pivoting shutters provide solar and heat shading for the large windows of the reception area. The pivoting shutters measure 5.7 meters in height and have 55 centimeters wide slats. They are constructed as a sandwich structure with double frames of anodized aluminum enclosing zinc panels with a 33% perforation.


The drive system consists of electric motors and worm gears placed in the bottom rail and hidden in the facade cladding. The pivoting shutters are fully rotatable around their vertical axis and controlled via the building’s BMS system.


Photo credit: Over Byen Arkitekter and Art Andersen & Copenhagen.


PKA Ejendomme




Exterior, Motorized, Pivoting Shutters, Vertical