Noise reducing shutter for 3B Folehaven

As our cities continue to grow in both size and density, so does the problem of traffic noise.


So much that WHO categorizes noise as the second-worst environmental problem that harms human health, surpassed only by air pollution from ultrafine particles. And traffic noise is the worst culprit of all.


The public housing association 3B Folehaven, situated alongside Folehaven, one of the busiest main roads in Denmark, wanted to deal with the issue head-on.


We designed the external noise reducing shutters to reduce the traffic noise in the apartments by 50%. 


Furthermore, the solution allows the residents to ventilate and sleep with an open window in their apartments without being bothered by loud traffic noise. The shutters are easy to operate via remote control.


The performance of the Noise Reducing Shutter was documented through a series of tests done in collaboration with Rambøll Acoustics.


We delivered the 36 Noise Reducing Shutters to 3B Folehaven in 2019. In June 2022 72 additional units will be installed.


The project received initial funding from Realdania and the Danish Ministry of the Environment’s MUDP initiative.


Photo & video credit: Rambøll and Art Andersen & Copenhagen.


3B Folehaven


Social Housing




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